This one’s familiar to you because a still of this moment is (as of March 2017) the SB page’s cover photo/signature identity. Why? Because it perfectly captures the purpose of Spaceflight Blunders & Greatness: Documenting the ingenious derring-do of spaceflight as well as the Kaboomy Goodness(TM) of not quite getting it right.

After successfully pushing a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the ISS, this long-range drone video by SpaceX captures the Falcon 9 booster’s landing attempt on a drone ship on April 14, 2015. The aim was good, but the booster’s landing engine gimbal had sticking issues, causing the Falcon to oscillate. Landing at a tilt on two legs, the little booster fights with its nitrogen-gas reaction control jets atop the booster before gravity laughs at it and the Falcon collapses with a explosion even director Michael Bay couldn’t script better for his movies.

Best of luck next time, little booster.